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    Russia's Vladimir Putin embraces Cuba's Raul Castro in Havana. | Photo: Reuters

Published 18 June 2017

Russia’s statement affirmed Moscow's "unshakable solidarity" with Havana.

In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s rollback of normalizing relations with Cuba, Russia on Sunday became one of many nations to express "unyielding solidarity" with the Caribbean island.

‘Doomed to Fail’: Cuba Responds to Trump’s Policy Reversal

Saying Washington’s recent “haughty” remarks against Cuba were reminiscent of the rhetoric during the Cold War, the Kremlin strongly criticized Trump’s decision to rollback his predecessor Barack Obama’s policies on Cuba.

"The new policy towards Cuba announced by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, returns us to the almost forgotten rhetoric of the Cold War," said a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"We are against the embargo and the blockade, against sanctions and dividing lines, we advocate for dialogue, cooperation, the laying of bridges and … free communication,” it added.

Trump Restores Cold War-Era Cuba Travel and Trade Policies

In a comment posted on its website, the Kremlin also said that the "arrogant style in dealing with Cuba has no future, as the events of the last half century have demonstrated."

It affirmed the "unshakable solidarity" of Moscow with Havana.

Trump’s rollbacks include the continuation of the economic blockade on Cuba, tightening of restrictions on business with companies linked to authorities in Havana, as well as prohibiting “people to people” travel to Cuba.

Other changes announced by the White House include the possibility of auditing all U.S. citizens who visit Cuba to ensure that they have not violated the sanctions policy.

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