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  • Women participate in a protest organized by RefuseFascism.org outside the U.S. Supreme Court against U.S. President Trump in Washington, D.C.

    Women participate in a protest organized by RefuseFascism.org outside the U.S. Supreme Court against U.S. President Trump in Washington, D.C. | Photo: Reuters

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The Wikipedia-styled database aims to keep track of the repressive policies of Donald Trump and inform people on how to take action against them.

One of the very few silver linings of Donald Trump's election is the surge in social activism in the United States, as many attempt to counter the new racist, misogynist president.

5 Gains Donald Trump Can Undo and How

Stay Woke and Campaign Zero, organizations committed to fighting racism in the U.S., launched a Wikipedia-style database called “Resistance Manual” which is based on an idea and early database by Aditi Juneja, who also works with Campaign Zero.

After the elections, Juneja put together a database for those wishing to get involved in protests and actions against the Trump administration's repressive policies on women’s rights, health care, police brutality and others.

"I started making a Google Doc and tables to keep track of different policies and what is going to happen to them," she told NBC News Thursday.

Activists including DeRay McKesson, Johnetta Elzie, Samuel Sinyangwe and Brittany Packnett are behind the project and say that it aims to bring together different issues that are not restricted to one nationality or marginalized group in the country.

“The Resistance Manual is rooted in the basic principle that the power belongs to the people,” Packnett, a co-founder of Campaign Zero, told the Huffington Post.

Resisting the Trump Administration: Tasks for the Left

“We wanted to create a clear tool that people can use for targeted resistance for the next four years. Protecting progress and advancing justice for vulnerable communities is necessary. Therefore, so is resistance. This is one important tool to do it.”

The website includes information on various issues that are important to people from the U.S. while also providing readers with tools on how to “resist” and take action, including phone numbers for Congress people and websites with further information on how to join actions.

“There are more of us who believe in equity and justice than those who support Donald Trump's ideology of fear and hate,” the website’s introduction reads.

“Together, we can harness the collective power of the people to resist the impact of a Trump presidency and to continue to make progress in our communities.” The founders say that the website is also meant for people who are new to activism and want to learn about issues and how to participate in “resistance.”

The homepage also includes an essential reading section for political issues and resource links to crisis hotlines, tools of resistance, organizations and upcoming events.


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