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Published 17 August 2015

Independent experts discovered that security footage from the night of the incident along with some of the clothes of the students were missing.

A group of independent experts investigating the case of 43 missing students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, revealed key evidence is missing in a report issued Monday.

The group, appointed by the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), found that video recordings of the night of the disappearance – which were sent to the tribunal handling the case – were destroyed.

The experts explained that, once they found out of the existence of the series of destroyed videos, they sought to recover them given that most were CCTV camera footage. However, some of the videos could not be recovered because security companies had already deleted them from their databases.

Furthermore, the group of experts found that clothes belonging to the victims was found the night of the events.

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Instead of analyzing the clothes for clues and evidence, which could lead to the whereabouts of the students, authorities discarded the garments claiming they did not contain blood.

The clothing was stored in government facilities and the experts have now requested them to analyze DNA traits in an Austrian laboratory.

The group lamented the lack of cooperation by the Mexican Government in interviewing witnesses, victims, policemen and soldiers implicated in the case. According to the experts, their request was denied, claiming such interviews would compromise the legality of their investigation.

A final report by the group is expected to be released in two weeks, beginning September. The experts explained they have submitted a renewal of their status to the IACHR to continue their investigations.

The renewal was authorized by the international body but will now have to be approved by the Mexican Government.

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