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  • The family declared its support of the Syrian government.

    The family declared its support of the Syrian government. | Photo: Reuters / Facebook - Kinana Allouche كنانة علوش / teleSUR

Published 6 June 2017

"They wanted to trade in his blood and published his photos," declared the young boy’s father.

His image was haunting: caked in blood and dust, Omran Daqneesh's eyes focused straight ahead, as a photograph of the wounded, shellshocked Syrian boy went viral last summer.

The Omran Deception

But that image, taken during Aleppo’s siege, was exploited by Syrian rebel groups and international media, declared the young boy’s father in an interview Monday with journalist Kinana Allouche from the pro-Syrian government Al-Mayadeen television station. Allouche came under fire last year after posting a selfie on social media where she posed smiling next to corpses of rebel fighters.

"They wanted to trade in his blood and published his photos," he told the channel, saying his photo was used to attack the Syrian government, as international media’s widespread use of the five-year-old boy’s image made him a global icon of the crisis.

In the same airstrike, Daqneesh’s 10-year-old brother, Ali, was killed.

"He was martyred while in hospital as a result of the same bombardment that their house was subjected to," said Besher Hawi, the spokesman for the local council of Aleppo had said at the time

But new photos of the young boy, first posted on social media, see him healthy and recovered, and now living in West Aleppo, his family having moved there shortly after it was liberated from rebels by the Syrian Army in December 2016.

In the short interview clip posted by Alloush, Omran’s father told the channel of how he did not hear the plane above their house before the strike. He also stated that he had rejected offers to leave Syria from people that wanted to damage the reputation of the country’s armed forces.

Syrian Boy Whose Photo Gripped the World Loses His Brother

He added that he had shaved his son’s head in order to disguise him and shield him from media attention.

Allouche shared photos of herself with the family as she interviewed them, saying, "The child Omran, those who tried to shed Syrian blood mislead the news that he was hit by the Syrian Arab Army … Here he now lives in the Syrian state with its army, its leader and its people."

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