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  • Serena Shim reporting from Turkey for Press TV (Photo: Youtube).

    Serena Shim reporting from Turkey for Press TV (Photo: Youtube).

Published 19 October 2014

Serena Shim, Press TV’s correspondent in Turkey has been killed near the border with Syria as she returned to her hotel from covering a story. 

Press TV's correspondent in Turkey, Sererna Shim was killed near the Turkish-Syrian border on Sunday  in a car crash that the Iranian station is calling "suspicious."

Shim was covering the ongoing conflict in the Syrian town of Kobani. 

After reporting on scene in Turkey's Urfa province, the vehicle transporting Shim to her hotel was crashed into by a heavy vehicle, though the whereabouts or the identity of the truck driver remain unknown.

On Friday, Shim informed Press TV that the Turkish intelligence agency had accused her of spying because some of the stories she covered regarding Turkey's stance on the Islamic State Group militants in Kobani. She also expressed fears of being arrested.

Shim was had obtained stories and images about Islamic State militants infiltrating into Syria through the Turkish border, including images of combatants crossing the Turkish border into Syria on trucks from the World Food Organization and other NGOs.

Shim, who also covered news in Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine for Press TV, denied the accusations against her by Turkey.


Serena Shim

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