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  • Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 June 2016

Tens of thousands back Jeremy Corbyn's U.K. Labour Party leadership after a push from Labour's right to oust him following the Brexit vote.

More than 108,000 people have signed a vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's U.K. Labour Party leadership in response to a motion of no confidence by two members of the Labour Party Friday, after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union—something that Corbyn had campaigned against.

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Corbyn supporters started the online petition within hours of the move to oust Corbyn. The petition started by Dakota Rose states that Corbyn supporters should "make your voice heard against the Blairites and keep Jeremy as rightful leader of the Labour party."

The motion of no confidence, submitted by lawmaker Margaret Hodge and backed by colleague Ann Coffey, calls for a debate on Corbyn's leadership among the party's parliamentary representatives when it next meets on Monday. If supported at a later secret ballot, it could then trigger a leadership contest.

Asked about resigning, Corbyn said "No, I'm carrying on," according to the BBC.

"In a leader you need somebody who can communicate a message and inspire confidence in that message and I think he failed on both counts during the referendum campaign and therefore I don’t think he should be leader of the party," Coffey told Reuters.

"I will say to people, you can win the election or you can have Corbyn as leader but you can’t have both."

Several Labour members have criticized Corbyn, who was elected leader last year on a wave of enthusiasm for his socialist agenda, for failing to persuade voters in his party's heartlands in northern England and elsewhere to vote remain.

Millions of them voted in favour of leaving the bloc, often swayed by the "Out" campaign's arguments on immigration.

"What we saw yesterday was swathes of Labour voters simply not voting Labour. Jeremy Corbyn could not connect with the people we needed to attract," Hodge told Sky News.

Corbyn voted no to the EU's predecessor in a 1975 referendum, but campaigned for a "Remain" vote at Thursday's ballot.

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