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    Peru's teachers continue to strike after more than 50 days, and have faced heavy police repression. | Photo: EFE

Published 10 August 2017

Kuczynski agreed to the talks after the threat of dismissals, sanctions, and legal action against teachers failed, and the protests continued.

The President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has said he will meet Friday afternoon with leaders of the ongoing teachers' strike to discuss the demands of teachers beyond the salary improvement agreement won last week.

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The teachers had decided to continue to strike this week, despite the government having announced the resumption of classes Monday, to demand more wage increases and the repeal of the education reform law.

Kuczynski agreed to the talks after the threat of dismissals, sanctions and legal action against the teachers failed, and the protests continued.

The President has placed conditions on the talks, however, saying that he will “not receive any citizen who has carried out acts of violence."

“There is a teacher's strike... but I want to say to the public that I am willing to dialogue with the leaders, with only one condition: that they renounce any attempt at violence because teachers cannot be violent,” the President said.

Protesting teachers have been met with strong force from police forces.

The Prime Minister Fernando Zavalo said that legal action currently being taken against those who had allegedly engaged in acts of violence during the protests would continue.

The President said the meeting will take place in the Government Palace, with the Minister of Education, Marilu Martens, and Fernando Zavala. He didn't indicate with which leaders he would be meeting. This is still unclear because the strike in the country's interior isn't being led by the national teacher's union, the Unified Syndicate of Education Workers (Sutep), but by several different factions of teachers unions.

Peru's health sector is also witnessing a massive indefinite strike of doctors, which has continued for over 40 days. Although this has slowed down the access to health care for thousands of patients, emergency services are still operating.

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