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  • The partial agreement reached yesterday with Peru

    The partial agreement reached yesterday with Peru's President did not satisfy most of the teachers' unions. | Photo: EFE

The government wants them to return to school on Monday but many want to stay on strike until their demands are properly addressed.

Peru's Education Minister Marilu Martens has warned the nation's striking teachers that they will be dismissed if they continue their action. 

Peru's President Agrees to Talks After Teachers Continue Strike

Negotiations began with the government on Thursday to end six weeks of strikes.

“Today we should start with the dismissals,” Martens said in an interview with RPP Noticias. “This is not a threat, nor a punishment, it's the consequence of their actions.”

The Education Ministry set this week as a deadline for the teachers to go back to school.

The country's main teaching unions met President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for talks on Thursday.

But local unions in several regions have already warned that they will stay on strike until their demands are addressed.

Martens has now started negotiations with teachers representatives in the regions of Piura, Tumbes and Loreta.

She agreed that education and administrative workers make up the largest part of the public sector, and deserved better wages.

Kuczynski has agreed to raise the teacher's monthly salary from US$615 to US$1,076 from December.

The Education Ministry has also finally unblocked the funds to pay the wages of 4,169 teachers, after a commission confirmed that they had not been on strike  since the beginning of July.

However, the ministry will maintain the wage suspension for almost 4,000 others.

Peru's health sector is also experiencing a major strike by doctors, which has lasted for more than 40 days.

It has slowed down access to health care for thousands of patients, but emergency services are still operating.


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