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  • French President Macron hosts US President Trump for a dinner prepared by chef Alain Ducasse at the Eiffel Tower restaurant Le Jules Vernepic.

    French President Macron hosts US President Trump for a dinner prepared by chef Alain Ducasse at the Eiffel Tower restaurant Le Jules Vernepic. | Photo: AFP

Protests were prompted by Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

Over 1,000 people took to the streets on Bastille Day to protest against policies on immigration, the environment and labor rights as the U.S. President Donald Trump joined his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron for France's national celebrations.

"Make our planet great again: Dump trump" were among the slogans chanted during the rally, organized by a wide range of social movements and trade unions gathered in the Social Front, as well as political parties like the New Anticapitalist Party, the French Unbows.

A "Paris Against Trump" Facebook group had called for people to take part in the demonstrations and create a “No Trump Zone” on the Republique Square where the movement Nuit Debout Paris staged a sit-in for several months against labor reforms last year.

"Trump is not welcome in Paris," said the event's Facebook page. "We are opposed to his positions on the climate crisis, his international politics against migrants, his sexist speeches and behavior, his Islamophobia and racist remarks, his military plans around the world and his neo-liberalism and capitalism."

Beside a small contingent of U.S. citizens protesting against Trump, the main focus of the demonstration was Macron's labor reform which is currently being debated in Parliament — but with the French President's overwhelming majority, the bill is expected to be implemented with no changes.

Protestors also condemned France's immigration and refugee policies, shouting “don't deport immigrants, don't fire workers, but get rid of Trump and Macron.”

A dozen of hooded activists also joined in towards the end of the rally to denounce the “state of emergency, the police state.”

Supporters of Palestinians, including the BDS movement and the French Jewish Union for Peace also protested against the visit of  the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is due to attend a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the Vel' d'Hiv mass roundup of Parisian Jewry on Sunday.

The president of the French Palestinian Solidarity Association, AFPS, Bertrand Heilbronn, dismissed the rationale behind Netanyahu's attendance at the ceremony in a joint letter with the French-Jewish historian Dominique Vidal. 

It says "The head of the Israeli government, who is from the Right, the far-Right of Israel, has no place at the commemoration of the roundup at Vel' D'Hiv".

The July 1942 incident is named after the stadium in which Nazi-led forces held the majority of those arrested ahead of their deportation to Auschwitz. 

In a statement, the Communist Party of France said the commemoration "must send a strong message of peace, and Benjamin Netanyahu is not the man for this message."


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