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  • Brazilian President Michel Temer

    Brazilian President Michel Temer | Photo: EFE

Published 12 September 2017

The allegations relate to the activities of an import-export company operating in the port of Santos.

Brazil's Supreme Court has decided to open an investigation into President Michel Temer on new charges of corruption and money laundering. Judge Luis Roberto Barroso made the decision.

Brazil’s Ruling Party Faces Criminal Organization Charges

The investigation aims to determine if Temer engaged in corruption and money laundering by approving a decree that benefited Rodrimar, an import-export company operating in the port of Santos.

The case is separate from previous requests for charges against Temer, which were blocked by the Lower House of Congress at the beginning of August.

“Nobody should be indifferent to the personal and political onus of a public authority, especially the President of the Republic,” Barroso said.

He noted that the investigation is the price one must pay under Brazil's Constitution as it outlines “equality of all under the rule of law and requires transparency in the behavior of public authorities.”

Brazil's Attorney General Rodrigo Janot made the request for the investigation in June.

Brazil's Federal Police are also investigating the embattled head of state of collusion with a group of close aides, of participating in illegal acts.  Temer allegedly pocketed some US$10 million dollars in perks and advantages, according to Reuters.

Dubbed the “Gang of the Lower House,” federal investigators allege high ranking Brazilian authorities participated in varying degrees of corruption, fraud and other illicit acts.

Brazil's Federal Supreme Court, the sole judicial body with the authority to open an investigation into a sitting president, has now received the report prepared by the federal police.

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