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  • Next Tuesday, the opposition will announce the next steps.

    Next Tuesday, the opposition will announce the next steps. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 December 2017

"Don't even think we will let you do what you want," Nasralla said, criticizing countries that have recognized Hernandez as Honduras’ president. 

Former Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla has reiterated that he will defend the people's vote after Honduras' recent general elections on Nov. 26.

OAS Observers Oppose New Honduras Election Amid Fraud Claims 

"Don't even think we will let you do what you want, not this time," Nasralla wrote to opponents through his Anti-Corruption Party's Facebook page. The party is part of the Opposition Alliance led by the popular TV host.

In his message, Nasralla lamented the attitude adopted by other countries regarding the crisis unleashed in Honduras by President Juan Orlando Hernandez's re-election.

"If only the nations of the world could feel what we feel when we surprisedly watch how criminals take advantage of the resources they possess and leave the people at the margins of their luck," he said.

"If only the nations of the world knew that in Honduras, the entire populace struggles to defend democracy, the law, the Constitution."

On Dec. 17, Supreme Electoral Tribunal President David Matamoros proclaimed Hernandez as the winner of Honduras' general elections, generating a wave of protests that resulted in 34 deaths.

The electoral tribunal declared that Hernandez got 42.95 percent of the votes against Nasralla's 41.24 percent. Nasralla has called on the entity to annul the declaration.

After the official proclamation, a few governments recognized the election results and congratulated Hernandez for his victory. Among them Argentina, the United States and Brazil.

"If only the representatives of the world's nations that pronounce themselves without knowing the reality of things could measure the tears of those who say goodbye to a year without hope of justice being served," he reproached.

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