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  • Human rights advocacy groups have criticized Mexican army role in the fight against organized crime. (Photo: Reuters)

    Human rights advocacy groups have criticized Mexican army role in the fight against organized crime. (Photo: Reuters) | Photo: Reuters

Every month 1,835 people are being executed, according to Semanario Zeta, a weekly newspaper from northern Mexico.

During the first 21 months of Enrique Peña's mandate, 30,789 people have been killed, according to new data recently released by the Mexican government this Wednesday.

The most violent region in the country, according to the newest data, is the central State of Mexico, of which Peña was the governor before becoming president.

In this state, which also leads extortion rates with 2,303 reported cases, 3,470 people have been killed, according to the report.

However, the Zeta weekly, which is edited in the norther city Tijuana, recently asserted that 36,718 people have been executed during Peña's mandate.

According to Zeta's statistics, 1,835 persons are being executed each month in Mexico. The Zeta weekly specializes in news coverage of organized crime and drug trafficking in Mexico.

In 1988, Hector Felix Miranda, one of the magazine's director, was killed by several gunmen, including a man identified as former Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank Rhon's bodyguards. Han Rhon is a member of the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI).

If the murder rate continues throughout the next four years of Peña’s term, the death toll might reach 100,000, which is comparable to the number of assassinations registered during the presidency of Felipe Calderon (2006-2012), according to NGOs.

Homicide rate increased 150 percent during Calderon administration, in comparison to the previous presidential period of Vicente Fox.

Numerous human rights advocacy groups have slammed Peña's strategy against criminal organizations, which, according to activists, is prompting more violence from both criminal organizations and government agents who are fighting them.

The human rights groups assert that the only changes made by Peña in regards to Calderon's strategy against organized crime is that his administration does not usually comments on insecurity rates.




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