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  • The Bolivian leader has been holding talks with the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

    The Bolivian leader has been holding talks with the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 17 September 2017

More than 200 delegates  are taking part in the summit which aims to build a common agenda for the coordination of policies in defense of Venezuela's sovereignty.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales says his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump's support for dialogue in Venezuela represents a defeat to the empire. 


Global Leaders Celebrate World Solidarity Day With Venezuela

Speaking at the "We are all Venezuela," summit in Caracas, Morales said "Since the US president has surrendered, he is supporting the political dialogue in Venezuela, we have won this battle. But as long as there is imperialism and capitalism in the world the struggle continues."

The Bolivian leader has also been holding talks with Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro at the global solidarity meeting.

Bolivia is one of the countries taking part in the follow-up commission to help reinvigorate the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

Morales added that, "The Government of the United States of America threatened military intervention, attacked Venezuela with economic sanctions, and Latin America was revealed, even governments with presidents allied with US interests rejected the idea of ​​military intervention in the United States region, because the Latin American peoples are anti-imperialist."

But he said the people "will continue to triumph."

Earlier, the Bolivian president questioned Trump's double standards on Venezuela in a posting on his Twitter account.

The 13 working groups at the summit have been discussing sovereignty and peace, the struggle against war and imperialism, racial supremacism, discourses of exclusion and hatred, migrants and the fight for universal citizenship, global financial counterrevolution and mother land rights.

More than 200 delegates from around the world are taking part in the three day event which aims to build a common agenda for the coordination of policies in defense of the sovereignty and fundamental rights of Venezuela and other countries in the region.

As part of his weekly "Sundays with Maduro" program, the president reviewed all the countries represented, reiterating that every continent was present to support peace in Venezuela.

Adan Chavez, ANC member and older brother of late President Hugo Chavez, urged the delegates to attend the upcoming debates and plenary sessions to draw up a final program and plan of action.

"If in reality, the imperialists went through with the threat of an invasion, we are sure that the people and countries of the world will defend Venezuela. That is putting solidarity in action," he said.

The President of Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly Delcy Rodriguez said there is a "revolution that came from Commandante Chavez to reclaim the flag of our liberators."

Rodriguez added that attempts have been made by international actors and the domestic right-wing opposition "to implant forms of aggression against the Venezuelan people that have been experienced in other countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq."

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