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    Mexico's Ministry of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell gestures during a news conference at Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City, Mexico February 8, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 8 February 2018

Mexican Energy Secretary Pedro Coldwell's declarations come after Tillerson's lobby visit to Latin America.

Mexican energy secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said today that Mexico won't impose oil sanctions on Venezuela, because of the negative impact this would represent on the country's population and the Caribbean.


Trump Boasts About Sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba ‘Dictatorships’

This comes after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson finished his visit to Latin America, in which he met the heads of Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina to gather international support for US politics against Venezuela.

Heading to the US, Tillerson stopped in Jamaica, where he held talks with high officials and Prime Minister Andrew Holness, concerning internal issues and Venezuela.

Many islands in the Caribbean consume cheap imported oil for Venezuela, and imposing sanctions on its oil would also potentially damage their economies. Holness, on the other hand, said Jaimaca hardly imports oil from Venezuela now, and added that the island could even benefit from an agreement such as this, as the US is now becoming an energy exporter.

As he was flying to Kingston, Tillerson spoke to reporters about the success of his visits in Latin America, saying the US, Mexico and Canada will take part in working groups to discuss and evaluate the impact of US sanctions on Venezuelan oil.

This was confirmed by Coldwell, who said Mexico will take part in the work group, but won't support the sanctions for humanitarian reasons.

The United States is considering restricting imports of Venezuelan crude oil and exports of U.S. refined products to Venezuela, said Tillerson on Sunday, to put pressure Maduro to “return to the constitution.”

The oil embargo would most potentially hurt Venezuelan citizens, who are already suffering due to other sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union. It would also harm US oil companies operating in the region and Caribbean countrys that rely on Venezuela's cheap oil.

An official declaration about Trump's opinion on the oil sanctions on Venezuela hasn't been made.


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