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    Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo. | Photo: Reuters

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Attorney General Jesus Murillo said he has no evidence of Federal Police participating in the attack against the students.

Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo denied this Tuesday news reports suggesting involvement of federal police forces in the attack against the Ayotzinapa students in Iguala, Guerrero on Sept. 26, when three of them were killed and 43 others forcibly disappeared. 

“Is absolutely not true that the Federal Police participated, there are many statements that have no foundation,” said Murillo in an interview with Mexican broadcaster MVS.

On the night of September 26, Iguala municipal police and armed masked men shot and killed six people, including three students, while 43 other students were “arrested” and then allegedly handed over to local drug gang United Warriors. The whereabouts of 42 of them remains a mystery.

The remains of one of the missing students, Alexander Mora, were identified by Austrian forensic scientists, who were commissioned by the Mexican government to analyzed the DNA of ashes and other remains supposedly found in a black plastic trash bag in Cocula, Guerrero, after three detainees – purportedly members of United Warriors – allegedly confessed they killed and burnt the 43 students to ashes, disposing of their remains in a dump and a river in that town.

A new investigation published by Mexican magazine Proceso shows that the attack was planned, executed, and supervised by Mexico's federal police to undermine the political fight of the students from the teacher training college in Ayotzinapa. According to the report, military officials were also aware and possibly also participated in the attack, according to witnesses and other new evidence, that makes the official version tremble. 

The investigation is based on unpublished reports and new videos and testimonies from witnesses of the event. An official report of Guerrero's government says that the students were being watched before and during the attack by federal agents.




Murillo said that even when the Federal Police knew about the moves of the students that does not imply that it participated in the attack.

“I do not have the evidence that they claim to have. I do not know where that evidence comes from. If they have it I hope they hand it to me for analyzing it.” said Murillo in another interview with Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui.


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