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  • Activists hold signs reading, "No to imperialist intervention disguised as democracy" and "We demand respect for states

    Activists hold signs reading, "No to imperialist intervention disguised as democracy" and "We demand respect for states' sovereignty." | Photo: Twitter / @PueblosEnMexico

The groups condemned calls for intervention that have been pushed by Mexico, the United States and other countries through the OAS.

Social movements in Mexico are siding with Venezuela against “imperialist” attacks on the country by the United States and the Organization of American States ahead of the start of the regional body's annual meeting Monday where Caracas' political situation is expected to weigh heavy.

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At the Meeting of Peoples for Peace, Sovereignty and the Future Saturday, a number of left groups and movements confirmed their support for the South American nation.

"On behalf of Mexican workers, we want to tell our brothers and sisters of Venezuela that they are not alone, that they have the support of the Mexican people, the workers of the new Workers’ Central," said Hector de la Cueva, from the Mexican Workers' Confederation.

De la Cueva expressed disappointment over the fact that the Mexican government, led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, has backed interventionist policies of the OAS, which he described as a U.S. instrument for intervention.

"The message we are sending to the people of Mexico is that we do not agree with that interventionism that the Mexican government promotes," he added.

Mexico, together with Canada, the United States, Peru and Panama, put forward a proposal at an OAS meeting at the end of May to pressure Venezuela, among other measures, to call of its National Constituent Assembly that will be tasked with rewriting the country's 1999 Constitution.

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Eduardo Navarro, a member of the Francisco Villa Mexico 21st Century Popular Front, emphasized that in order to face the new “imperialist push” it is necessary to deepen the legacy of the late leader of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez.

Just last Friday, Venezuela responded to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks that “democracy is undermined” in the country.

“Imperialism has once again tried to apply its old coup d'etat method, its old method to intervene in other countries,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said while speaking to members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in Fuerte Tiuna.

“It is a method that has failed in every context that it has been applied, and I tell the U.S. vice president: take your noses off of Venezuela ... here there will be no gringo, Yankee, imperialist intervention. In Venezuela, there will be peace, democracy, constituent elections and dialogue to reconcile the Venezuelan people,” he added.

The OAS is scheduled to meet in Cancun, Mexico, Monday, where Venezuela is expected to be a top agenda item. Maduro has long slammed the organization, from which Venezuela in the process of withdrawing, and its Secretary-General Luis Almagro as an operatives of U.S. interests that promote threats to sovereignty in Latin America.


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