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  • (Photo: Ernesto Rios)

    (Photo: Ernesto Rios)

Published 6 October 2014

Ernesto Rios' exhibit features a new interactive multimedia artworks based on labyrinth structures that invites people to participate.

The Mexican visual artist Ernesto Rios has presented his twentieth exhibition named “Maze-Lab,” at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. 

Rios completed his PhD in Visual Arts a couple of weeks ago and was recognized for creating the first interactive thesis in E-book format for electronic tablets. 

Maze-Lab features a new multimedia artworks based on labyrinth structures that invites people to participate in a playful way. 

“The "Open Work" (Opera Aperta) by Umberto Eco and his concept of "openness" and of incomplete or unfinished works, to be supplemented in some way by the reader or viewer has been a constant in my work.” Rios told teleSUR. 

"The Maze-Lab series is based on experimentation, the game, the juxtaposition and interaction between new technologies and traditional and unusual materials. I explore how the most simple interactions like petting sand with the hands, can express emotions and spiritual resonances, He added. 

Ernesto Rios during an exhibition in 2013. (Photo: Courtesy of the Artist)

Maze-Lab is integrated with intentionally unfinished works in order to allow visitors to transform and complete them and become a coauthor. 

Maze-Lab contrasts medieval, Renaissance and Baroque labyrinthine designs based on algorithms and optical illusions. 

Maze-Lab will be open from October 10 to November 20 at the Design Hub of the RMIT University, a building which is considered a contemporary icon, created by renowned architect Sean Godsell.

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