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  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his weekly television program.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his weekly television program. | Photo: AVN

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said 30 groups appear to be trained and financed by Colombia to destabilize Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro revealed a video Tuesday that shows links between leading figures of the country's right-wing opposition with Colombian politicans and paramilitary groups.

In his weekly television program, Maduro showed a video allegedly exposing groups trained and financed by the former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to destabilize Venezuela.

In the video, Jose Perez Venta, primary suspect in the murder of Liana Hergueta, reveals an elaborate network of contacts between far-right politicians in Colombia, opposition Venezuelan activists, and paramilitary groups.

"We have identified 30 groups trained and financed by Uribe from Colombia," Maduro said. “We will capture all paramilitary groups who want to hurt Venezuela."

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​Some of the well-known opposition political leaders mentioned in the video are opposition activist Maria Corina Machado, former mayor of metropolitan Caracas Antonio Ledezma, and the governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles.

According to Maduro paramilitary operatives were ordered to kill opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez in order to stir chaos in the country.

"Why did they want to kill Leopoldo Lopez? To blame the Bolivarian revolution," he said referring to Venezuela's progressive people's movement that came out of Hugo Chavez's presidency.

President Maduro also alleged that the video reveals the role played by U.S. officials in destabilization attempts against his country. Perez states in the video that opposition leaders received financing from the United States and Spain who then funneled the money to other opposition activists.

Perez specifically names right-wing U.S. lawmaker Marco Rubio and the charge d'affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Phil Laidlaw, as being involved.

The murder of Liana Hergueta has shaken Venezuela. The woman’s body was found dismembered and the Interior Minister Gustavo Gonzalez had previously said her murder was politically-motivated.

Officials from the Ministry of Justice suspect that Hergueta was killed for political reasons by groups connected to paramilitaries.


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