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  • The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

    The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: @PresidencialVen

Published 12 October 2017

The U.S. State Department has issued a statement saying the Venezuelan people "deserve the right to have their voices heard" in the elections.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro says the Venezuelan people will be saying no to US-led intervention when they vote in Sunday's regional elections.


Why Are Venezuela's Regional Elections So Crucial?

Maduro said anyone who casts their ballot will be showing their support for the National Constituent Assembly, ANC, and rejecting the imperialism, interventionism and sanctions imposed by Washington and its allies.

"I appeal to all Venezuelans to vote. Everyone who comes out is supporting the National Constituent Assembly and is telling (Donald) Trump, (Juan Manuel) Santos, (Michel) Temer and (Mariano) Rajoy enough of interventionism, no to the sanctions...nobody underestimate the importance of the elections next Sunday, " he said.

The Venezuelan President also called on social organizations to mobilize on Oct. 15 to guarantee revolutionary victory in the regional elections.

"I call on all teams to dedicate themselves to motivate, summon and mobilize the people to vote. Here is the homeland, here is Chavez", he said.

Maduro stressed that media corporations have silenced the election campaign, "They have silenced Venezuela, where we have an exemplary electoral campaign with the participation of the right wing, with hundreds of candidates, mobilization, and the full recognition of the National Electoral Council (CNE)."

"Now they want to silence us because they want to sell the world the false news that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela", he said.

The U.S. State Department has issued a statement saying the Venezuelan people "deserve the right to have their voices heard" in the elections.

It added, "We note with great concern that the regime will not permit the presence of independent international electoral observers. We call on the Venezuelan government to permit independent domestic observers to fully monitor the election and its tabulation of results" and called into question the "fairness of the electoral process".

Dozens of international guests who are accompanying the vote have already visited the CNE in Caracas.

The President of the ANC, Delcy Rodriguez, said that preparations are proceeding normally.

Rodriguez posted a statement sent by the president of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena, which details the process of organization and preparation developed for the upcoming elections, convened by the ANC.

Voting machines are being set up and security personnel are being deployed to guard and monitor the polling stations.

Candidates have been wrapping up the final day of campaigning ahead of Sunday's polls.

Twenty-three governors are being elected for each of the nation's states and 18,094,065 people are eligible to vote.

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