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  • President Nicolas Maduro denounces new sabotage plans against Venezuela led by the United States.

    President Nicolas Maduro denounces new sabotage plans against Venezuela led by the United States. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 November 2015

Nicolas Maduro said the U.S. Southern Command is working with the Venezuelan right-wing to sabotage the electrical system ahead of the Dec. 6 elections.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced on Monday that the right-wing is working in coordination with the U.S. Southern Command to sabotage the country's electrical system and cause a national blackout ahead of parliamentary elections Dec. 6.

“[The U.S. Southern Command] is leading the plan against Venezuela ... an electrical and economic war,” he said.

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However, the president expressed confidence that peace will overcome the “devious plots” of the U.S. and its right-wing allies in Venezuela, highlighting the “great consciousness of the Venezuelan people.”

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“I call on the country to unite. Don't think that divided we can go forward in defense of the electrical service,” AVN quoted him as saying.

Maduro announced that the country's armed forces have been instructed to strengthen surveillance and security measures throughout the country. He also called on electrical services workers to safeguard all infrastructure.

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Recently, in the state of Tachira, hooded attackers carried out an attack torching electrical equipment and vehicles.

The president said the attacks have been linked to Colombian paramilitaries.

“The conclusions of the investigations must be revealed to our people,” he said, condemning the local media that have not published any stories on these crimes, which exposes that they are “complicit” in these sabotage plans.

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