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    Mexico's Morena party will invest more than US$8 million in building new universities. | Photo: Morena Party

Published 7 February 2016

Morena will invest more than US$8 million in building universities aimed at low-income Indigenous youth.

The National Regeneration Movement, or Morena party, has inaugurated the first of eight universities it plans to open in the municipalities and towns it governs in Mexico. 

The first higher education center is a teacher training school and is located in the southern state of Yucatan. It will provide bilingual education to the large community of Mayan Indigenous people in the state. 

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The left-wing political party—led by the two-time former presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—formally registered as a political party in 2014 and participated for the first time in a parliamentary election last year, winning more than 8 percent of the vote and becoming the fourth national political force and the first one in Mexico City

Morena will invest more than US$8 million in the construction of these universities, which will offer degrees in agriculture, accounting, medicine, education, management, law and engineering. The schools are intended for low-income Indigenous youth.

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