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  • A large portrait of Cuba

    A large portrait of Cuba's late President Fidel Castro hangs from a building while people wait in line to pay tribute to Castro in Havana, Cuba, Nov. 28, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 November 2016

The Marxist umbrella group the Kurdistan Communities Union issued a statement mourning the Cuban leader and hailing his struggle against imperialism.

The biggest leftist armed organization in the Middle East, the Kurdistan Communities Union, has issued a powerful statement mourning the death of comrade and Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro calling him a man who “embodied the purest ideals and longings of humanity until his last breath.”

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“We offer our condolences to the people of Cuba, to the progressive community and all revolutionaries in the wake of great revolutionary Fidel Castro losing his life,” the communist umbrella organization of Kurdish groups said in a statement Monday reported by the Kurdish Question website.

"The Kurdish Freedom Movement will not forget the contributions Fidel Castro made to humanity’s struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism, and will carry his legacy and his aspirations in the Kurdish people’s and the peoples of the Middle East’s struggle for freedom."

The Kurdish organization, which includes several armed Marxist groups operating in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, said the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara has acted as a significant inspiration for the Kurdish liberation movement.

“Their revolutionary spirit and their passion for freedom, their challenging tyrants, fascists, dictators and imperialists saying “death come wherever it may” has had important impact in shaping the PKK militancy,” the statement added using an acronym for the Marxist Kurdistan’s People’s Party, which leads the KCK and has been engaged in an insurgency in Turkey for more than three decades.

The revolutionary Kurdish group further highlighted Fidel’s fight against the “imperialist capitalist system” and how such struggle by a small country like Cuba has been an important factor in the Kurdish fight for social justice.

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“Like them, the Kurdish movement has also proved through practice that no obstacle can stand in the way of the passion for freedom and democracy, and has fought and reached victory, however big the enemy is, and however many obstacles there may be.”

The group further showed gratitude to how the Cuban revolution inspired the ideology and work of several leaders at the movement and shaped their objectives.

“We will have the same approach to Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution and will carry on the legacy of this revolutionary and the values he created in our fight for freedom and our revolution,” the group concluded.

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