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  • Julian Assange speaks with teleSUR English (Image: teleSUR)

    Julian Assange speaks with teleSUR English (Image: teleSUR)

Published 29 September 2014

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR English, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has warned Google has “lulled” the world into a false sense of security.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has warned Google and the U.S. government are collaborating to create the most advanced surveillance state the world has ever seen. 

In a secret meeting in 2011, Assange says he caught a glimpse into the inner workings of the Google “empire,” and its intimate relationship with the U.S. government.

“Google is literally in bed with the State Department,” he told teleSUR English in an exclusive interview.

Speaking to teleSUR's Chris Spannos, Assange explained how Google compiles user information from everything from Google searches to Gmail, Youtube and even smartphones. However, these “seemingly free services” are no more than “bait” for internet users, according to Assange.

“(Google) pools together all this information collection...couples it together for each person it detects, and builds a profile of that person,” he explained.

Assange said these user profiles are then sold to advertisers.

“This is its business model — being a private, lawful version of the National Security Agency (NSA),” he said.

As Edward Snowden revealed, this private information doesn't remain in Google's hands. Rather, it often finds its way to the NSA.

On an ideological level, Assange warned Google shares an “aggressive” and “infective” U.S.-centric worldview — no different to that of the State Department or NSA.

“They believe that mass invasion of privacy under Western governments is fine, because it just allows Western governments to manage their people better...but exactly the same mass invasion of privacy with other governments is...bad,” he stated.

He lamented, “it's not really a politically sophisticated vision.”

In the same interview, Assange also discussed his vision of the future of the internet along with how WikiLeaks has been able to score victory after victory against the NSA. Assange also talks about how a leaked cable has become the centerpiece of a European investigation into what he described as “corruption” at the highest levels of the biggest military alliance in the world, NATO.

Check out the full interview below.

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