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International Day for Human Rights

International Day for Human Rights is celebrated every year on Dec. 10.

Established by the United Nations in 1948, it was timed to coincide with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is a 30-article document that fortifies the rights of human beings across the world. It was signed in the wake of the disasters that marked World War II.

Today, 69 years after this declaration was established, human rights remain an issue around the planet. Endless war, rampant poverty and institutional racism continues.

In Latin America, activists promoting human rights are frequently murdered in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Brazil and Argentina. 

On the International Day for Human Rights, teleSUR takes a look at both victories and struggles in the quest for human rights in the region.

If You Watch One Thing


Victories & Struggles


186 Social Leaders Assassinated in Colombia Since 2016
Over 500 threats against human rights defenders were also registered.

Mexican Authorities Under Fire From Human Rights Groups
Testimony from the father of an alleged victim reignited criticisms by human rights activists.

Cuba Denounces Human Rights Violations in Honduras

The Cuban official also criticized Organization of American States Secretary-General Luis Almagro for his “complicit silence."

Top Human Rights Group Demands Justice for Santiago Maldonado

Police say Maldonado's body was found in a river after going missing for more than two months.

Brazil's Temer Blames Minister as Slave Labor Decree Slammed

One of the measures outlined in the decree redefines slavery as being confined to "restrictions on the freedom of movement" of workers.

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