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  •  The Indigenous people are calling for support from national and international authorities

    The Indigenous people are calling for support from national and international authorities | Photo: EFE

Published 23 August 2017

They accuse the government of apathy over the worsening security situation.

The Association of Wounaan Town Councils and the National Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of Colombia have denounced the human rights violations resulting from the armed conflict in the department of Choco between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army, ELN.


Colombian Social Leader Killed in Choco

In a statement, the groups said "We want the country and the world to know the situation that our communities are experiencing in the midst of the armed conflict, creating serious violations of our lives, our rights and the defense and protection of our territory".

They also rejected the confinement, threats from community leaders and killings which are destroying the community's everyday life.

The groups accuse the government of showing "a historical lack of attention to this critical situation".

"As a result of the State's apathy, we sadly denounce two deaths which occurred in a single week. The companions who lost their lives are Manuel Ramírez and an indigenous woman named Ana María Mepaquito Cabrera."

Manuel Ramiez Mosquera was one of the representatives for 2,500 inhabitants of Bajo Atrto Chocoano.

Repeated clashes between the National Liberation Army, ELN, and paramilitaries have forced many to leave their homes.

Since the start of the year, 51 human rights defenders have been killed in Colombia and more than 300 suffered serious threats. 


The Indigenous people are requesting the support of national and international authorities to guarantee their lives, human rights and defend their territory.

They called on the authorities to take care of the community Juin Duur, where more than 22 families have been displaced to the town of Rio Sucio because of the critical security situation due to paramiltary activity in the area.

"We demand that the war stop in our communities and the end of the armed conflict between the ELN and the national government that continues to justify the death of our community members with the paramilitary action in the department of Chocó," the statement said.







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