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    France's far-right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen (R) watches as her father Jean-Marie Le Pen reacts during a speech in France, May 1, 2015. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 February 2016

The former head of the far-right French National Front party had said Nazi occupation was not inhumane and has been convicted of racism or anti-Semitism at least six times. 

United States Republican presidential candidate got an endorsement from of one of Europe’s most controversial figures, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of France’s far-right Front National party, who had said the Nazi occupation in France was not “particularly inhumane” and in 1987, Le Pen also said that Nazi gas chambers were a “detail of history.”

“If I was American I would vote for Donald Trump,” Le Pen tweeted Saturday. “May God protect him!”


The backing from Le pen comes just days after a former KKK leader issued support for Donald Trump

Le Pen led the party from 1976 to 2011, when his daughter Marine took over. Last year he left the party after he made his comments about the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation. In 2012, Le Pen was found guilty of contesting crimes against humanity. He has suggested that Ebola could solve Europe’s “immigration problem”.

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Also, in 2015, his daughter was acquitted of inciting hatred over a comparison of French Muslims to Nazis who occupied the country during the second world war. 

Trump’s comments on immigration and Muslims have long been compared to far-right movements and parties in Europe, with some even comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

France’s National Front party advocates for a hardline anti-immigration policy while pushing for an economic protectionism in similar fashion to what Trump has been saying over the past few months.

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