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Diplomatic cables from 2008-2009 regarding Hillary Clinton’s actions in Haiti provide an idea about what her policies in office might be.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton continues to face questions over her actual vision for domestic and foreign policies, but the answers may lie in the decisions she made as Secretary of State, as revealed by cables leaked by whistle-blower Chelsea Manning.

Hillary Clinton Forgot That She Supported a Coup in Honduras

While Clinton has recently been advocating for a minimum wage increase in the U.S., for instance, leaked cables reveal that back in 2008-2009, she lobbied against a minimum wage hike in Haiti, where U.S. corporations outsource production to take advantage of cheap labor.

An increase in minimum wage could have been an important step forward for a country with one of the highest rates of poverty and inequality in the Western Hemisphere.

However, under Clinton's watch, the U.S. State Department colluded with foreign corporations benefiting from sweatshop labor to pressure the Haitian government into vetoing a wage increase, earlier approved unanimously by the country's parliament.

In order to put things in perspective and understand the end-game behind her decisions, a deeper look into her Clinton Foundation — which she chairs with her husband, former President Bill Clinton — is needed.

Are the Clintons Serbia's Most Hated Couple?

The foundation was responsible for doling out US$6 billion dollars for what were billed as hurricane-proof emergency trailers. The trailers were laced with a cancer-causing chemical—formaldehyde—which gave those inside them headaches and allergic reactions.

Those trailers were distributed by Clayton Homes, which is a past campaign contributor to Hillary Clinton herself.


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