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Learn about the scandal rocking Guatemala to the core.

During a televised message to the nation Sunday, Guatemala President Otto Perez Molina announced he will stay in power despite growing demands that he resign, as well as a call for his impeachment by the attorney general.

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Former Vice President Roxana Baldetti was arrested Friday for her alleged links to the corruption scandal. She is reportedly seeking house arrest and is presently being held inside a military barracks.

The corruption scandal, dubbed “La Linea,” essentially involved funneling custom taxes into private bank accounts and offering discounted custom rates for under-the-table payments.

The United Nations impunity commission in Guatemala, known as the CICIG, has signaled the president's potential involvement in the corruption scandal gripping the country. Perez Molina insists he is innocent.

Guatemala’s congress voted to uphold Perez Molina’s presidential immunity from trial, leading analysts to conclude that his efforts to remain in power may be an effort to avoid being jailed.

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