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  • Nicolas Maduro

    Nicolas Maduro | Photo: AVN

Published 27 January 2017

The public housing program is its most ambitious yet and aims to rethink how the socialist city operates.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday that the government has reached the goal of delivering 1,400,000 homes to Venezuelans across the country.

Venezuela to Internationalize Social Housing Programs

"Today we reach an incredible goal, after so much war: 1,400,000 homes built and delivered to our people. Let's continue winning," Maduro posted to his Twitter account.

The public housing program is either free or low of cost, depending on the family's means.

In another message, he said that despite the economic war and the drop of over 70 percent in crude oil prices, his government has not stopped investing in social care policies.

"In 2016, foreign exchange earnings fell by 87 percent and we built twice as many new homes for our people. Doing more with less. (We are) succeeding," he said.

The mission was first launched to provide housing for Venezuelans who lost their homes in the devastating 2010 floods. However, since then the GMV has been expanded to provide low-cost housing to the wider population. In 2011, then-President Hugo Chavez explained the mission would address the “social debt” left behind by former governments that failed to provide quality housing to all Venezuelans.

The project aimed to involve Venezuelans in the process as much as possible, with homeowners responsible for 60 percent of town planning.

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