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    Former Guatemala's President Alvaro Colom and his former wife first lady Sandra Torres de Colom wave after his inauguration in Guatemala City January 14, 2008. | Photo: Reuters

Published 31 January 2018

Former Guatemalan president, Alvaro Colom, will lead democracy talks between Honduran government and the Organization of American States (OAS).

The former Guatemalan president, Alvaro Colom, will be the lead mediator in the talks between Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Honduran Rights Group Asks OAS to Support Political Change

Colom was designated to lead the talks by OAS secretary general, Luis Almagro.

The talks will be based on electoral reform and strengthening Honduran democracy, says Colom.

"It’s with great pleasure to serve the Honduran people again and to help them through this complex time,” added the dignitary.

Colom went on to say that the OAS electoral observation report regarding the controversial Honduran presidential elections held on Nov. 26., will serve as the “base to electoral reforms” in Honduras.

Colom led the electoral observation team between October and late December, and signed off on the final observation report released Dec. 26.

The 34 page report concluded that the electoral process was so fraught with “irregularities” that it wasn’t “possible to confirm if the (election) was manipulated or if fraud occurred."

The report also read that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the government agency charged with ensuring clean elections “acts on party influence ... putting at risk the TSE's impartiality and neutrality of the (state) institution”

The report also concluded that the technology used to transmit the results "was not robust and did not guarantee security ... leaving it impossible to clarify doubts regarding this system."

Despite the slew of irregularities, and calls by OAS leader Almagro for new, clean elections, Colom’s report did not call for fresh elections or a recount, but to accept the TSE conclusion that Hernandez had won.

Incumbent Hernandez was sworn in Jan. 27 amidst nationwide protests by supporters of the former Opposition Alliance candidate, Salvador Nasralla. Nasralla, who allegedly came in second by a fraction of a percentage in the presidential contest, and who continues to say the election was wracked with fraud and therefore refuses to recognize Hernandez as head of state.

He and the Opposition have just announced fresh protests in the Tegucigalpa capital this afternoon.

“I understand that there’s a rush to get this process started and I’m ready to work when everything is in place”, said Colom. He’s planning to return to Honduras next week to begin conversations with Hernandez.

Hernandez tweeted of Colom’s newest assignment in Honduras, “We are pleased that Alvaro Colom was designated the special representative to work between the OAS and the Honduran government.

The former Guatemalan president is “hoping for tolerance” in Honduras a country he says, “deserves to live in peace, with governability and in reconciliation.”

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