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  • Russia began its first shipment to provide wheat to Venezuela.

    Russia began its first shipment to provide wheat to Venezuela. | Photo: REUTERS

Published 2 September 2017

The first 30,000 ton shipment of Russian wheat arrived, as part of a deal worked out by President Maduro to ensure supplies.

The first major shipment of wheat to Venezuela from Russia arrived on Friday, as part of a deal negotiated between the South American country and Russia by President Nicolas Maduro to ensure supply of the staple food product for at least 10 years.

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The cargo contains 30,000 tons of wheat flour, according to the Vice President Tareck el Aissami.

“It wasn't expected that the first shipment of material would arrive to Venezuela within eight days from the announcement,” Tareck el Aissami said. “Thanks to the Russian people, thanks to the President Vladimir Putin, and here from Venezuela we will respond with dignity.”

"Today Venezuela is a modest but great power in solidarity, love, and international cooperation."

"The first ship with wheat arrives to our country from Russia."

The Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, Carlos Faria, was the first to announce the ship's arrival on his twitter account.

“The first shipment of Russian wheat arrived to the Venezuelan coast. President Nicolas Maduro is fulfilling his people,” Faria said.

“We can now inform that the second ship will also be arriving soon, and so we can begin to replace former suppliers with those who are more reliable and closer to our revolutionary process,” Faria said last week during a Press Conference held with President Maduro.

The U.S. President, Donald Trump, signed an order last week imposing new sanctions on the nation's financial and economic structures.

Venezuela is due to receive more than 600 thousand tons of wheat by the end of December, in addition to other products promised by Russia.

It will be delivered to mills for processing and before being sent to factories to supply over 10 thousand bakeries.

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