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  • FARC leader London has returned to Colombia from Cuba where he received medical attention for a cerebral ischemia.

    FARC leader London has returned to Colombia from Cuba where he received medical attention for a cerebral ischemia. | Photo: Twitter / @TiomFARC

Published 22 August 2017

Timochenko said the new political party "will give a voice to the forgotten.”

Former FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, better known as Timochenko, has returned to Colombia take part in the FARC's first congress as a political party.

Cuba Selects Former FARC Rebels to Train as Doctor

Londono stated via his Twitter account that his organization will establish “the foundations of a new party, which will give a voice to the forgotten.”

"Colombia cannot continue to be one of the most unequal countries in the world. To change that, we will put forward our #NewParty," he added.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army, FARC, announced their transition into a political party after signing a historic peace agreement with the Colombian government.

"Excited to return to my land, between all and all we will build the bases of a #NewParty that gives voice to the forgotten."

The former rebels officially changed their name to the Revolutionary Alternative Force of Colombia, maintaining the acronym that has identified the group for more than five decades.

The new name reflects its current status as a legally-recognized political party.

Colombia’s FARC Has Revealed Its New Name — Here’s What It Is

But while the FARC is preparing to enter political life, there is growing concern over the rise of paramilitaries following the disarmament of the FARC.

Since the peace agreement was signed in November, at least eight FARC members have been murdered along with 10 family members of the former rebel movement.

Amid the continued aggressions, ex-guerrillas have made efforts to re-enter society, with announcing their plans to form a professional league soccer club for their male and female members.

Additionally, earlier this week, a number of former military members were selected to begin medical studies in September on the condition that they return to their local communities to practice the trade.

Since July, Londono has spent much of his time receiving medical treatments, an ongoing process since 2015 targeting his many health issues including a cerebral ischemia.

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