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Published 2 October 2017

Abby Martin interviews everyday Jewish Israeli citizens concerning the plight of Palestinian people.

In the latest edition of The Empire Files, Abby Martin traveled to Israel to speak with everyday Jewish Israeli citizens. She emphasized that she would interview people who aren't government officials or living on illegal settlements to get their opinion concerning occupied Palestine. 

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The discussions come only weeks after an Israeli political party approved an extensive annexation plan to coerce Palestinian departure from their homeland.

Martin went to Zion Square in Jerusalem, a square the Israeli government plans to rename “Tolerance Square,” to conduct interviews. There, she came across an older gentleman who described Islam as being “a very bad disease, not just for Israel but for all around the world,” adding that Jews need to “kick” Muslims away.

Two young women hanging around the square expressed similar views.

Martin encountered a young Jewish Israeli who said that he was a member of an organization called Lehava, which advocates against Jews marrying Arabs. 

“May their name and memory be obliterated,” he said about the latter group. He went on to say that Jewish people comprise a “special nation, that God gave to the Jews and we don't want Jews to get mixed up with a different nation.”

During the course of her interviews, Martin bumped into several U.S. citizens who relocated to Israel due to religious ties. Referring to Muslims, one young man commented, “You can't deal with these people, there's no need to try, there's no need to talk to them.” 

Continuing to speak as if Palestinian people aren't subjected to living under strict Israeli occupation, backed by robust military investment courtesy of the United States, the young man concluded that Israel “retaliates” whenever Palestinians do harm.

In that vein, another Israeli man confessed that he supports carpet bombing against Palestinians. 

“It's the only way you can deal with it,” he argued. 

When asked if he was suggesting that all Muslims in Gaza should be carpet bombed, he said that he “hoped to believe” that all Palestinians weren't worthy of such an atrocity. Later on, however, he said that all should be because he doesn't “trust them.”

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