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    The specialist's rescue team from El Salvador before leaving for Mexico. | Photo: Fire Department of El Salvador

Published 21 September 2017

"We will take it as a gesture of brotherhood and solidarity at the moment when we needed it the most," the Mexican ambassador said.

A rescue team from El Salvador has arrived in Mexico to aid rescuers and volunteers in the search for survivors after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the country earlier this week, leaving hundreds dead.

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Some 25 specialists trained in emergency response were sent to aid the Mexican authorities, according to Joaquin Parada, head of the National Fire Department. 

"We are sending this team to join the arduous task in Mexico for the search and rescue of victims of the earthquake," Parada said. The Urban Search and Rescue Group team is made up of firemen, policemen and Red Cross officials.

The Salvadoran rescue group will be sent "to the area determined by the Mexican authorities to respond to the emergency," according to Parada.

Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez said emergency teams have been in contact with Mexican officials since first reports of the earthquake emerged.

"El Salvador awaits the speedy recovery of those who were injured, for the families affected and for those who have lost their homes because of this terrible natural disaster," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Rescuers in Mexico continue to work to save possible survivors after the earthquake killed at least 245 people and toppled over 40 buildings.

Mexican Ambassador to El Salvador Francisco Olavarria thanked "the very generous offer of this group of brave Salvadorans to assist in rescue tasks."

"The people of Mexico will not forget it, we will keep it in mind for many years and we will take it as a gesture of brotherhood and solidarity at the moment when we needed it the most." 

Officials from Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Spain also announced that they will send rescue teams to aid Mexico.

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