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    EgyptAir | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 March 2016

The hijacker has been arrested and no harm has been done to any of the passengers involved.

An EgyptAir passenger plane landed in Cyprus after being hijacked on its journey to Cairo early Tuesday morning, resulting in the eventual arrest of an Egyptian male.

According to Egyptian state radio, the man was armed but reports indicate his motive was personal, not political. After several hours aboard the jet, he attempted to escape through the airplane window but was immediately arrested.

Photo: Reuters

A handful of "foreigners" were reportedly held hostage on the plane after the assailant released all women, children and Egyptian nationals.

The U.K. Foreign Office announced they were in contact with Cypriot and Egyptian authorities, with many fearing a terror attack similar to the one that destroyed the Russian A321 airliner back in 2015.

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