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    Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno | Photo: AFP

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More pardons are possible in the next few weeks, according to sources.

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno granted a pardon Friday to four Indigenous members and one other person who were imprisoned after they participated in violent protests in 2015. He is now considering the release of more people Monday, reported judicial sources.

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The Justice Ministry handed the president a report considering the possibility of granting pardons to the other people who were part of a 20-name list delivered by Ecuador's main Indigenous organization CONAIE.

Justice Minister Rosana Alvarado said that Moreno was now examining the report and is expected to respond in the following weeks.

On Friday, the president made public his decision on Twitter: “I signed the orders for Jose Rodrigo Tubon Guano, Jose Manuel de la Cruz Sanchez, Elvis Javier Guaman Cuvi and Segundo Santiago Pilatasig Quispe.”

From the province of Pastaza, they were arrested after participating in August 2015 in a violent protest and were later accused of “attack or resistance” against authorities.

On June 16, Moreno granted a pardon to the Indigenous activist Patricio Meza who was part of a group of protesters known as the “7 de Pastaza.”

The government Secretary of Policy Management Paola Pablon commented that the pardons were part of the process of national dialogue initiated by Moreno, who was recently elected.

CONAIE welcomed the decision, calling for the president to grant pardons to the full 20 listed.


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