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  • Supporters of Vice President Jorge Glas protest outside of the National Court of Justice.

    Supporters of Vice President Jorge Glas protest outside of the National Court of Justice. | Photo: EFE

Published 5 October 2017

Glas' lawyer will seek to invalidate the sentence, which he says was issued after the legal time to do so had already ended.

The defense lawyer representing Ecuadorean Vice President Jorge Glas, who was detained and is awaiting a trial for alleged corruption, has requested house arrest as an alternative measure as the investigations are still pending. 

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His lawyer, Eduardo Franco, said he filed two lawsuits: one to substitute the preventive detention for an alternative measure and another demanding action against the judge overseeing the case for presenting a measure he claims is unjust.

Franco seeks to have the charges dismissed on the basis that the judge acted improperly when he agreed to pretrial detention, as the trial hasn't begun against Glas.

The hearings will be held on Friday at 2:30 p.m. local time in the National Court of Justice in Quito.

If approved, Judge Miguel Jurado could impose alternative measures on Glas, such as house arrest, routine reports to judicial authorities or the use of an electronic surveillance device around his ankle.

Preventive prison for Jorge Glas is the greatest attack to the dignity of a human being, to the principle of innocence that governs.

Glas' defense said on Monday that the order of preventive detention was issued outside the terms established in the process of initial allegations. The first stage of the investigation ended on Sunday and the detention order was issued the next day.

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His claim was denied by Jurado after saying that Attorney General Carlos Baca had requested the judges consider the measure before ending the legal term.

Meanwhile, dozens of officials from the Vice Presidency were laid off by the Ministry of Labor and more than a hundred will be fired throughout the day, according to one of the workers. There are currently 228 workers on the payroll.

Glas is accused of being part of a corruption scheme involving the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which officials allege paid US$33 million in bribes to the Ecuadorean government to win contracts.

No evidence and forged clues. They only have lynching left. I will go to national and international venues to defend myself.

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