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    Ecuador's Vice President Jorge Glas | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 October 2017

"There is not a single piece of evidence against me," Ecuador's vice president re-affirmed.

Ecuador's Vice President Jorge Glas has denied accusations that he was involved in the Odebrecht corruption scheme and refused to resign from his position.

Ecuador Authorities Accuse VP, 18 Others in Odebrecht Corruption Case

"Renouncing the vice presidency of Ecuador would be accepting I am at fault when I am innocent," he said in a press release.

PAIS Alliance, Ecuador's leading political party has issued a statement condemning the "political show" against Glas.

In its statement, PAIS Alliance said the country needs to "enforce the law by ensuring the legal principle of innocence, with verified and verified information."

Glas has been asked by the party to separate himself from government and party operations until the investigation ends and his innocence is proven.

Glas has denied all wrongdoing and said he was being framed by the attorney general's office.

“Clearly there is a script written behind this, a conspiracy in progress,” Glas said in a press conference in Quito on Friday.

“There is not a single piece of evidence against me ... I was always calm because I have not committed any crime, nor had illicit association,” the Vice President said.

He said that he had full confidence in the justice system, and said that he would not try and escape the charges.

Ecuador's VP Glas Reiterates Innocence in Odebrecht Hearing

“Honest and decent people don't have to run and hide. I remain here, facing this judicial process and putting my face in front of all the people who I represent, because I was elected by the Ecuadorean people,” Glas said.

Glas once again denied the charges, saying he has never had any connection to the Odebrecht former Ecuador director, Jose Conceicao Santos.

Santos has said that his company paid US$32 million in bribes sine 2017 for infrastructure contracts, and Glas was accused of being tied to two corruption cases involving the company.

Glas called Santos a “confessed corrupt,” and an “immoral” person.

The vice president was stripped of his duties by President Lenin Moreno in August, only several months after the two were elected on the Alianza Pais ticket on a campaign to continue the Citizen's Revolution started by Rafael Correa.

The decision to remove Glas from power came after the vice president disagreed with Moreno's decision to make deals with former right-wing politicians, saying such deals “would lay the foundation for a state of corruption.”

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