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    Members of Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement burn a poster with the image of Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer during a protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 12, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Some Latin American countries, including Venezuela and El Salvador, have removed their ambassadors from Brazil in protest of the move to oust Rousseff.

Ecuador has recalled its ambassador from Brazil for consultations in protest of the parliamentary coup against the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff.

8 Latin American Countries Reject Coup Against Dilma Rousseff

“I have recalled our ambassador in Brazil for consultations with whom I will hold a meeting to address the political situation in that country,” Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Guillaume Long said during a press conference with international media.

So far, eight Latin American countries have expressed their support with the suspended president, including Venezuela and El Salvador who have pulled their ambassadors from the South American country.

Some believe the United States could be involved in plans for Rousseff's ouster, especially after a wikileaks cable revealed tthat the interim president, Michel Temer, was a U.S. informant.

Temer has been largely isolated in Latin America in his first days in office after the legislative body's decision to oust Rousseff, with only Argentina’s conservative government of President Mauricio Macri publicly pledging support for the newly-installed right-wing government.

Last week, a Senate vote suspended Rousseff for 180 days to make her face an impeachment trial over accusations of budget manipulations.

Temer, embroiled in corruption scandals and facing possible impeachment, took over from Rousseff as acting president. If Rousseff is cleared of charges she will remain the president, but in case she is found guilty, Temer will become the president until a new head of state is chosen in upcoming elections.


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