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    Ecuador's Vice President Jorge Glas addresses the national assembly about the alleged corruption charges. | Photo: Reuters

Published 7 October 2017

The procedure was suspended due to other "business inherent to the activities" of Judge Miguel Jurado according to the court.

Ecuador's National Court of Justice delayed the hearing requested by the lawyer of Vice President Jorge Glas to present an alternative measure to his preventive detention since the investigation on alleged corruption charges is still pending.

Ecuador VP: I Will Not Resign Because I Am Innocent

The hearing, requested on Friday, will now take place on Oct. 10 at 3:00 pm local time, where the judges will hear the appeal by Eduardo Franco to substitute the preventive detention for an alternative measure.

Franco also filed an action against the judge overseeing the case for presenting a measure he claims is unjust, saying the order was issued outside the terms established in the process of initial allegations.

The first stage of the investigation ended on Oct. 1 and the detention order was issued the next day. Glas turned himself in and has been detained since Monday in a prison north of Quito, the capital of the Andean country.

The procedure was suspended due to other "business inherent to the activities" of Judge Miguel Jurado according to the court.

"We had hoped that the Vice President would regain his freedom," Franco said on Friday. "The law allows this, but unfortunately it won't happen and he will be detained during the holiday." Guayaquil will be celebrating its independence on Oct. 9.

"We are respectful of the due process of the judge," Franco said. "We accept that decision and on Tuesday we will listen to his diligence."

Rafael Correa: Lenin Moreno is a 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'

Franco said Glas "is full of faith, calm, and confidence in justice, innocent and sure he will regain his freedom."

Glas is accused of being involved in a corruption scheme with the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which officials allege paid US$33 million in bribes to several people connected or in the Ecuadorean government to win contracts.

Former President Rafael Correa said this was a move by the right-wing opposition, accusing President Lenin Moreno of standing with them.

"Its strategic objective is to seize the Vice Presidency and that is why they are trying to destroy the honor of an honest man," Correa said Friday in an interview with RT.

Next week the court will begin a hearing for a future trial against Glas.

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