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  • Women from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Haiti are part of the event.

    Women from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Haiti are part of the event. | Photo: Mujeres X la Cultura

Women from around the world will meet to discuss their roles in cultural development.

Women from across the continent are set to meet at the Fifth International Meeting of Women and Culture from Nov. 22 to 25 in the Dominican Republic, where debates will be held on challenges for women in culture.

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The event, organized by the International Network of Women and Culture, has the support of the Ministry of Culture and will be held for the first time in a Caribbean country. 

Participants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and other countries will present their visions and experiences from a cultural perspective.

Previous meetings were held in Chile in 2013, Mexico 2014, Ecuador 2015 and Argentina 2016.

"The event will allow us to reflect on our daily tasks in the cultural field and the significance of women facing the current challenges of society, where we weave realities and we embroider dreams to transform the future from our present," event organizers said in a statement.

Its main objective is to present different perspectives and approaches to the empowerment of women in pursuit of equal opportunities and civil rights.

There will be conferences, workshops, exhibitions and field trips as well as spaces for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and socio-cultural processes in different communities.

According to organizers, the meeting will promote the training and professional development of women in cultural management while advocating against all types of gender violence.

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