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  • Rita Indiana

    Rita Indiana | Photo: Facebook

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Her surprise appearance on the music scene took place almost three years after she said she would never sing ever again — “not for a million dollars.”

After six years of absence, Dominican writer, singer and songwriter Rita Indiana presented her new single at the festival "Isle of Light" Saturday, demanding social justice and denouncing the corruption infecting all Latin American governments.

Feminist Activism and the Caribbean Academy

The artist explained to El Espectador that she “could not stay quiet” as government corruption continued to rise across Latin America.

“I had to say something through a more direct way than literature,” she added.

In the video clip titled “El Castigador,” directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Noalia Quintero in Puerto Rico, the artist appears all dressed in black with blonde-tainted hair, denouncing the constant abuses of Latin American politicians.


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