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  • Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for around a month.

    Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for around a month. | Photo: Reuters

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Over 100 children have been killed by Saudi airstrikes on Yemen, according to the country's health ministry.

Saudi Arabia resumed airstrikes throughout Yemen Thursday, as the death toll of a month of bombing neared 1000.

Houthi positions in southern and central Yemen were hit by a series of airstrikes early this morning, as they battled with forces loyal to ousted former president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Some of the heaviest bombing reportedly took place around the city of Ibb in central Yemen, where Houthi arms depots were hit, according to Reuters.

The latest airstrikes come two days after Saudi Arabia announced an end to its bombing campaign, and hinted it planned to pivot towards a diplomatic solution. Within hours of the announcement, there were reports of renewed bombing.

Saudi state media also reported airstrikes targeted militias loyal to another of Yemen's former presidents, Ali Abdulllah Saleh. Saleh has sided with the Houthis against Hadi's forces. However, some Yemeni media outlets have reported unconfirmed claims Saleh has fled the country. Hadi fled Yemen as Saudi Arabia began its campaign of airstrikes a month ago.

Since then, 951 people have been killed in airstrikes, according to the Houthi controlled health ministry. Over 100 children are among the dead, according to the ministry's figures. The ministry claims over 3000 more have been injured. Previous estimates of total civilian deaths from the conflict have topped 2000.

The numbers cannot be independently verified, though human rights groups have previously warned of a growing humanitarian disaster. Unrest and Saudi airstrikes have left major cities like Sanaa with dwindling access to food and other basic supplies.


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