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  • Communities gathered to prepare for elections on Sunday.

    Communities gathered to prepare for elections on Sunday. | Photo: Twitter / @Eleeciones_Cuba

Published 25 November 2017

Authorities prepare for a key election in the Caribbean island, which was postponed due to hurricane damages.

The National Electoral Commission of Cuba, CEN, said it is prepared to oversee elections for the municipal People's Power Assemblies on the island, scheduled for Sunday.

Neighborhoods in Cuba Debate Candidates Ahead of Elections

The commission said is making final adjustments for the voting process, including the opening of schools as voting centers, conditions, the presence of authorities, transmission of data, vote counting and communications.

More than eight million people are slated to head to the polls tomorrow to elect representatives. The commission added that members in different territories are focused on correcting possible delays in the vote during a trial run.

According to CEN President Alina Balseiro, supervisors and support staff from the neighborhoods will collaborate with the process.

A total of 27,221 candidates are participating in Sunday's election. They were proposed by nominating assemblies in neighborhoods and communities across Cuba.

According to the CEN, the majority of candidates are 41 to 50 years old, although there are people of all ages.

Balseiro said about 5,000 young people are nominated and about 35 percent of the total candidates are women.

She said there is an increase in members from non-state sectors of the economy in this round compared to the previous electoral process.

The second round of the elections will be on Dec. 3 in the communities in which none of the candidates obtains more than 50 percent of the valid votes in the first elections.

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