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  • GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz

    GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz | Photo: Reuters

Published 13 March 2016

Trump received just 13.8 percent of the vote in the nation's capital.

Senator Ted Cruz edged closer to Donald Trump in the race to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate with an emphatic victory in the Wyoming caucus, although only 971 party members cast their votes in a disappointing turnout.

Cruz pulled 66.3 percent of the ballot on Saturday and amassed nine delegates, far ahead of his nearest rival Marco Rubio who earned 19.5 percent of the vote and one delegate.  

Republican front-runner, Trump, had a horrid evening in the western state gaining only 7.2 percent of the party’s support and one delegate.

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Wyoming picks 29 delegates in the Republican primary in total with a further 14 up for grabs at the party's state convention next month. The final 3 are members of the Republican National Committee.

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Billionaire businessmen Trump also fared poorly in the Washington D.C. primary as well, also held on Saturday, with Florida senator Rubio coming out on top securing 37.3 percent of the vote and 10 delegates, edging out Kasich, who came in second with 35.5 percent and nine delegates.

Trump finished in a disappointing third place with 13.8 percent of the vote, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished fourth with 12.4 percent.  Neither Trump or Cruz secured enough of the vote to accrue any delegates as they didn’t break the 15 percent threshold required.

Like in Wyoming the voter turnout in the capital, which has few Republicans, was poor. Only 2,839 cast their ballots while in the primaries four years ago around 6,000 voted.

Voting on Tuesday could prove to be decisive in shaping the nature of the raceas 358 delegates are up for grabs across five states, including Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

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