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  • Protesters gathered on Plaza Bolivar in Bogota

    Protesters gathered on Plaza Bolivar in Bogota | Photo: @cutcolombia

Published 12 October 2017

The demonstrations started on Monday with dozens of groups taking part to show their anger over government policies.

Colombians are protesting against corruption, the assassination of social leaders and the massacre of campesinos in Tumaco. Workers' groups, teachers' unions, farmers and many other associations joined in the nationwide marches.

Colombia: Death Toll May Rise in Tumaco Massacre as Evidence Exposed

Through the demonstrations, representatives of several social organizations are strongly condemning the violent repression of recent peaceful protests by the anti-riot police, or ESMAD.

Meanwhile, rice farmers have been blocking a major highway in the municiplaity of Zulia to demand the government finds concrete solutions to overcome the serious economic crisis affecting them.

They want a fair price for their crops and lower production costs.

Other campesinos are calling for a labor strike to pressure Bogota to implement accords signed last year with the sector.

Roberto Botero, a spokesman for Dignidad Arrocera, said the protests show the level of discontent over the prices imposed in accordance with international regulations, which fail to take into account the domestic situation.

Activists have also been showing their support for the striking Avianca pilots. Around 700 have been refusing to fly for the Colombian carrier for the last three weeks.

Their unions are calling for a pay rise and better labor conditions.

The dispute has gone to an Arbitration Tribunal as the government and the pilots try to settle the dispute.

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