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  • Social leader Liliana Ramirez

    Social leader Liliana Ramirez | Photo: @MiltonteleSUR

Published 19 October 2017

More than a hundred Colombian leaders have been killed in the first eight months of 2017.

Another social leader has been killed in Colombia after activists reported several threats in the community of Coyaima and demanded that authorities take action, including by providing police protection.

Three Social Leaders Murdered in Colombia in Only 72 Hours

Liliana Astrid Ramirez Martinez was reportedly killed by hitmen who fled the site in western Colombia, according to teleSUR correspondent in Colombia, Milton Henao.

Ramirez was a teacher on her way to the school in the rural area of Coyaima where she worked when she was surrounded by a group of men. They shot her as she left the taxi driving her to the San Miguel school, leaving her body on the road and managing to escape.

Witnesses said several teachers from the same school have received death threats in the past and none have been investigated by the police to identify the culprits. In addition, several former directors of the school have received threats.

101 Social Leaders Killed in Colombia in 2017: Report

Police said Ramirez Martinez's body had been removed from the site and an investigation was opened to determine those responsible for the crime.

At least 101 social leaders and human rights defenders were killed between January and August of 2017, according to a recent report by the political group Patriotic March.

In addition, 194 social leaders received threats and 484 violations of human rights were reported during the same time period.

Colombia's ombudsman reported that during the period between the first of January 2016, and March 1, 2017, at least 156 homicides, five disappearances, and 33 violent attacks against community and social leaders were reported.

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