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  • Former president Bill Clinton with current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    Former president Bill Clinton with current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton | Photo: Reuters

Published 16 May 2015

While Hillary Clinton is hoping to appear as the candidate of the people, the data shows she is one of the richest citizens.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have earned over US$30 million since January 2014, according to figures in a financial report filed Friday.

The Clintons earned more than US$25 million in speaking fees and Hard choices, Hilary’s memoir, earned $5 million in book royalties.

The political heavyweights earned on average US$250,000 for each speech, addressing institutions like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

The date, filed by every presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission, shows the Clinton’s

Hillary and Bill belong to the top tenth of the richest one percent living in the United States.

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The revelation comes at a bad moment for the Democratic candidate who has tried hard to appear as the people’s choice, at a time of growing inequality in the country.

While Hillary said in 2014 that her couple was “dead broke” when they left the White House, Bill responded to criticisms over the speaking fees saying in May  “I gotta pay our bills.”

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The Clinton's financial assets are evaluated to be over $11.3 million, but as the value of some assets, including personal residences, are not required to be reported, nor anything above $5 million, the amount could be likely much higher.

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