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  • A nurse prepares a vaccine to be given to a child in a hospital in Beijing, China.

    A nurse prepares a vaccine to be given to a child in a hospital in Beijing, China. | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 September 2017

China, whose health system has improved steadily in recent years, said that equal health access is a "precondition for the survival of humanity."

The Chinese government published a document on Friday analyzing public health development, stressing that health is a “basic human right.”

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According to Xinhua, the document emphasized that “health is a precondition for the survival of humanity and the development of human society,” and that it is “the guarantee for a life with dignity.”

The document, approved and released by the State Council Information Office, said that all people are entitled to the best healthcare available, and that it should be “equally available and accessible.”

With this in mind, the document included clauses guaranteeing that China would continue to develop and improve healthcare access and technology.

The document also included facts and data about China's current public health conditions, and the “steady improvement” being made on this front to bring higher quality and access to the people in the world's most populous country.

China's Communist Party is preparing for its 19th National Congress, which occurs every five years and is responsible for determining overall strategy and political policies that guide the country.

This congress is expected to be particularly ambitious, as leaders look to discuss both how to reach their five-year goal of establishing a “moderately prosperous society” by eliminating poverty, and then working to construct a “modern socialist country” by the year 2049.

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