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    Brazil's interim President Michel Temer Brasilia, Brazil, June 1, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 June 2016

The measure will be soon introduced in Congress, the latest effort to cut costs.

Brazil's interim President Michel Temer will introduce a bill in Congress to cut the budget of public broadcaster Brazilian Communication Group (EBC), which would lead to closing down TV Brasil.

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Temer plans to maintain a few departments of the EBC, according to daily Fohla de Sao Paulo, like the news agency and the webpage, but means to close the public TV channel, which requires about half of the company's resources.

The bill also considers to dissolve the EBC's Council, formed with 22 independent members, and allow the destitution of its President by the Executive Power.

Temer had previously dismissed EBC President Ricardo Melo, who appealed the decision before the supreme court and temporarily recovered his position, in the waiting of a definitive decision.

The court ruled that Melo had been appointed by President Dilma Rousseff for four years, and should therefore remain at the head of the EBC.

The EBC, founded in 2007 during Rousseff's administration, employed over 2,000 people and required about US$155mn to survive, essentially to pay wages.

However, Brazil's interim government has recently announced a series of cuts in public spending, affecting a broad range of sectors like health and education.

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